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2023 World-Wide First Class 1 Teaching Laser

We take pride to announce the launch of the world-wide first teaching laser as a completely safe class1 laser.

LE-1600 Ruby Laser RL4000
LE-1600 Ruby Laser RL4000

The LE-1600 Ruby laser is designed as a class 1 laser, albeit a class 4 diode laser (LD) is used generating class 3 laser radiation. By using protective shields and micro processor controlled safety functions, under no circumstances laser light is accessible or leaves the system. For the different measurement tasks different sensors like an ordinary white screen, a photodiode or a CCD camera (CC) with slots for different filters (FB) can be attached to the system. Each module is equipped with an EEPROM carrying the information about what it is. The modules are plugged via three contact pins into one of the three slots (PL). All three slots are permanently scanned, providing the information what is plugged to which slot. Bases on this information the micro processor allows or prevents powering up the diode laser.
If a module is removed while the laser is powered up, the processor shuts the laser diode down within milliseconds.
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Teaching Award 2022 of the German Physical Society DPG

We take pride to announce that our experimental set "Iodine Raman Laser - LE-1300" has been awarded by the German Physical Society DPG with the 2022 Teaching Award.

LE-1600 Ruby Laser RL4000
LE-1300 Iodine Raman Laser

To become awarded, a variety of mile stones needs to be passed. The most challenging requirement involves the successful application at two academic educational bodies, where students worked with the apparatus and the positive professional judgment of the responsible teacher. After that, the applicant has to give a lecture during the annual meeting of the responsible committee (AGPP) of the German Physical Society. Finally, the executive committee members votes.
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Fully shielded 1 GHz Biased Photodetector

The increasing number of wireless devices like cell phones, Bluetooth devices, wireless LAN, digital radio station produce a significant amount of high frequency radiation which may interfere with high sensitive laboratory equipment, especially for sensitive high-speed photodetectors.

LE-1600 Ruby Laser RL4000
DC-0300 1 GHz Biased Photodetector

Detection of light is one of the most important tasks in photonics application and research. Especially in labs and for educational tasks a kind of multimeter like the all available digital voltmeter (DVM) is required to measure optical parameter like the optical power and timely response, even of very weak and very fast signals. We describe a new developed photodetector device which considers modern electronic equipment for signal acquisition like oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzer. Meanwhile those devices reached a maturity in sensitivity (µV) and signal speed (10 GHz) for economic prices.
Therefore, it makes no sense nowadays to develop a photodiode amplifier with such parameters. Great care must be taken to shield the environmental high frequency radiation caused by radio and GSM station. This can only be achieved by consequential shielding of the entire detection circuitry. For this purpose, the entire inner device including the photodetector is encapsulated into a Faraday cage. Due to this design, it became possible to operate oscilloscopes or spectrum analyzers with highest sensitivity without be bothered by unwanted high frequencies.

New Table Base

To enhance the haptic experience

LE-1600 Ruby Laser RL4000
Experimental set-up with new table base

Most of the experimental kits are supported by the new table base. It elevates the optical rail and thus the adjustment elements by 40 mm. Due to the larger weight, the set-up is more robust against unintended movement. The slots may be used to add additional elements by the customer.

Protective Dust Cover

Whenever the set-up is not used ..

LE-1600 Ruby Laser RL4000
The new protective dust cover is now part of the set-up

Optics, Laser and Photonics set-ups are sensitive against dust and other environmental pollution. Thus, the set-up needs to be protected either by disassembling and storing in cabinets, or much easier use the new provided dust cover. It can be so easy.

Laser Gyroscope now with fiber coupled optical beat signal detection

To detect the direction of rotation ..

LM-0600 HeNe Laser Gyroscope
The new Laser Gyroscope with optical direction discrimination and POF coupled beat signal detection

To significantly reduce the noise floor of the beat signal, the optical beat signals of channel A and B are transferred with a 1 mm plastic optical fiber to the encapsulated photodiode inside the preamplifier. With optical retarder and polarizing beam splitter cubes two 90° phase shifted beat signals are created allowing the direction discrimination.
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