CA-Cables and Accessories

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CA-0005 Allan key SW 0.9Fine hex screwdriver with a wrench size of 0.9 mmCA-0005 Allan key SW 0.9

CA-0010 Set of test liquidsA set of 3 test liquids filled into 15 ml dropping bottles with isopropyl alcohol (IPA),  distilled water and a 60 °Bx (Degrees Brix) sugar solution is provided. Brix is a definition of the content of the dry matter in a solution. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution.CA-0010 Set of test liquids

CA-0012 Set of tools for LDAFor convenient alignment of the capstan screws of the prism stages of the LDA Experiments. The tool comes with a removable 1 mm steel pin.CA-0012 Set of tools for LDA

CA-0030 Set of development equipmentThe set consists of a balance with an accuracy of 0.1 g, a 500 ml beaker with stirring staff. A scoop is used to collect the chemicals from the bottles. Three lab dishes and three film tongs are required for the development process. The ready mixed developer and bleacher are stored in three wide mouth bottles.CA-0030 Set of development equipment

CA-0034 Set of developer chemicalsThe chemicals provided are good for 4 litres and are coming in sealed bottles.PART A solution for 4 litres:Catechol 40 gramsAscorbic Acid  20 gramsSodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 20 gramsUrea 200 gramsPART B for 4 litres:Sodium Carbonate 120 gramsPBU-Amidol bleach for 4 litres:Potassium Persulfate 40 gramsCitric Acid 40 gramsPotassium Bromide 80 gramsCupric Bromide 4 gramAmidol  4 gram CA-0034 Set of developer chemicals

CA-0036 Sample object for holographyA white coloured chess figure is set on a pedestal. The height matches the optical height of the holographic setup.CA-0036 Sample object for holography

CA-0038 Sample object for holographyPhotographic plate VRP-M, 532 nm, 63 x 63 mmThe fine grain blue and green sensitive photo plates are designed for holograms recording with pulsed and CW laser. The plates have a size of 63 x 63 mm and  shall be unseal and processed in indirect non-actinic light with use of a dark-red light filter (transmission > 600 nm) or a dark red LED “LQ-0214 Dark Red LED in ø 25 housing“CA-0038 Sample object for holography

CA-0040 Set of 5 transmission gratingsThis set comes with  holographic transmission gratings with 1200, 600, 300, 100 and 80 lines per mm with a size of 50x50 mm.CA-0040 Set of 5 transmission gratings

CA-0050 Set of tools and connection cableThis set is intended for the bar code reader. A torx screw driver of size T10 is used to open the scanner to apply the mirror blinds or just to have a look inside of it. A USB cable is added to the set.CA-0050 Set of tools and connection cable

CA-0060 Infrared display card 0.8 -1.4 µmTo convert invisible radiation in a wavelength range of 0.8-1.2 µm into visible light this card is used. Depending on the incident power the visible spot ranges from orange to white. This card should only be used for non focussed optical beams with less than 500 mw.CA-0060 Infrared display card 0.8 -1.4 µm

CA-0070 NIR Laser viewing card 980 nm and 1.5µmThe CA-0070 is a credit-card-sized detector card for viewing light in the 790 to 840 nm, 870 to 1070 nm, and 1500 to 1590 nm wavelength ranges. The lower front surface of this durable plastic card is photosensitive and enables the easy location of near-infrared (NIR) light beams and focal points. As it is not necessary to charge the active region of the card before use, either CW or pulsed incident light will generate emission, even when the card is used in a darkened room.CA-0070 NIR Laser viewing card 980 nm and 1.5µm

CA-0080 Optics cleaning setSensitive optics, especially used in connection with open frame lasers, the cleaning of the optics surfaces is a substantial must to remove contaminations of the mirror surfaces. For this purpose soft cleaning tissues wetted with pure acetone are commonly used. Clamp pliers are provided to hold the folded and wetted pad of the cleaning tissue. A 15 ml dropping bottle filled with “Optics cleaning Liquid” (acetone) is included as well.CA-0080 Optics cleaning set

CA-0100 Flat panel TVTo monitor video signal a state of the art flat panel TV of minimum 19 inch is used. The model shown on the right is just an example, it may differ due to the fast development in this area. The monitor comes with integrated speakers, a composite, S video and audio input.CA-0100 Flat panel TV

CA-0110 CCD day & night camera block moduleThe CA-0110 incorporates the Super HAD CCD II sensor that offers highly improved sensitivity and colour reproduction. In addition, the camera can operate with a minimum illumination of 0.25 lx, resulting in a significant improvement in image quality under limited lighting conditions with a high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines. The CA-0110 incorporates a 10x zoom lens. When used in combination with its 12x digital zoom, the camera achieves a zooming capability of up to 120x. The CA-0110 features a Day/Night capability, which provides optimum sensitivity in both day and night shooting applications. As the scene illumination darkens, the infrared fi lter is automatically removed. The camera then switches to B&W mode enabling it to operate under a minimum illumination of 0.0004 lx. A junction board provides a BNC jack for the composite video and a P/S2 jack for an S video signal. Another P/S jack is used to connect to the RS232 interface of the camera which fully controls the iris, focus and zoom and a lot more of specific features related to the exposition.CA-0110 CCD day & night camera block module

CA-0120 Tablet PC WindowsA tablet or notebook comes with a Windows based operating system with a minimum 11” display, a multicore processor 1.5 GHz and 4 GByte ram, a USB 2.0 bus. Due to the rapid changes in this field the specification can be even better.CA-0120 Tablet PC Windows

CA-0130 Colour CCD Camera on tripodThe colour CCD camera is mounted onto a tripod for table top operation. The iris of the lens is controlled by the camera electronics, distance and focus can be set manually and independent from each other. The video signal is available at the rear of the camera via a BNC jack. The power supply is connected with a two pin connector.CA-0130 Colour CCD Camera on tripod

CA-0140 DVD player with music DVDA state of the art DVD player is used as an audio as well as a video source. At the front a USB connection is provided to accept USB sticks with video, audio and still picture files. At the rear the two audio output channel as well the video out is available. To use these, the provided BNC cable which is also used by the camera a cynch to BNC adapter is inserted into the video cynch output. For immediate startup a music DVD is added.CA-0140 DVD player with music DVD

CA-0150 USB Video frame grabberThe audio and video signals of an external source like a camera or DVD player can be connected to this device and are streamed vis the USB bus to a connected PC.CA-0150 USB Video frame grabber

CA-0200 Oscilloscope 100 MHz digital, two channelA frequently used and indispensable device for a variety of experiment is a two channel digital oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 100 MHz. The digital capabilities allow the storage of the displayed curves on a USB pen drive as a graphics or a CVS data file which can be opened with EXCEL or other sheet related software. The model shown on the right is an example and may vary due to technical progress with even better specifications.CA-0200 Oscilloscope 100 MHz digital, two channel

CA-0210 Spectrum Analyser 100 kHz - 500 MHzThis spectrum analyser has a bandwidth of 100 kHz to 500 MHz and is used to detect and display optical beat frequencies. The analyser comes with a BNC to PL adapter to connect a SiPIN photodetector detector directly to the device. The input impedance is set to 50 Ohms and the AC amplifier to an appropriate gain and the beat frequencies up to 500 MHz can clearly be observed. The digital capabilities allow the storage of the displayed curves on a USB pen drive as a graphics or a CVS data file which can be opened with EXCEL or other sheet related software.CA-0210 Spectrum Analyser 100 kHz - 500 MHz

CA-0220 Multimeter 3 1/2 digitsFor measurements with an accuracy of minimum 3 digits behind the comma, a 4 digit multimeter is required. Besides the measurement of voltage and current the multimeter offers also an Ohm meter. The model shown on the right is just an example and may vary due to technical progress. A must is a current range with 0.1 µA resolution and 0.1 mV in the voltage range.CA-0220 Multimeter 3 1/2 digits

CA-0260 Laser power meter LabMax-TOLabMax is appropriate for anyone who needs to analyse and monitor laser output. Data analysis can be achieved via statistical and trend analysis and stored in onboard flash memory for future retrieval with the File Manager tool. Data can also be analyzed directly on a PC through USB and RS-232 serial connections, or by logging data to a USB flash drive attached directly to the meter. The LabMax display and meter can be positioned at many different angles so customers can place it within the limited bench space typically available in a laser lab and still easily view the display. LabMax-TO is directly compatible with most Coherent thermal and semiconductor sensors and displays beam position for quick and accurate setup. These sensors offer wavelength coverage from 190 nm to 12 µm and measure from nW to kW.CA-0260 Laser power meter LabMax-TO

CA-0262 Energy sensor head 300 nJ - 600 µJAn energy sensor head for a measuring range of 500 nJ - 600 µJ in a wavelength range from 0.19 - 12 µm. The diameter of the active sensor is 10 mm. The detector is attached to a 20 mm wide carrier MG20 and requires for the operation the “CA-0260 Laser power meter LabMax-TO “.CA-0262 Energy sensor head 300 nJ - 600 µJ

CA-0264 Power sensor LM2 VIS 50 mW / 1 nWThese high-sensitivity semiconductor sensor is ideal for CW laser measurements in the nW to low mW level for a wavelength range of 0.4 to 1.06 µm. The detector is mounted to a 20 mm wide carrier where it is kept in a post holder. 

CA-0266 Power sensor PM3 0.5 mW to 2WThe detector is provided with a wavelength independent (0.3 to 11 µm) thermoelectric element and is designed for a power range of 500 µW to 2W with a resolution of 50 µW. The round sensitive area has a diameter of 19 mm. The detector is attached to a 20 mm wide carrier MG20 and requires for the operation the “CA-0260 Laser power meter LabMax-TO “.CA-0266 Power sensor PM3 0.5 mW to 2W

CA-0270 Fibre coupled spectrometer 200 - 1200 nm, USBThe spectral range of the spectrometer covers 200 to 1200 nm with a resolution of 1 nm. The entrance slit is 50 µm wide and the provided fibre has a core diameter of 600 µm. The spectrometer has a SMA fibre jack and the data are available via the USB bus. The spectrometer comes with the USB cable and a Windows software.CA-0270 Fibre coupled spectrometer 200 - 1200 nm, USB

CA-0410 BNC - banana adapter cable, 1mThis adapter cable is used for the connection of coaxial BNC terminated components to the 19 mm banana receptacle of a digital multimeter.CA-0410 BNC - banana adapter cable, 1m

CA-0450 BNC connection cable 1 mThis connection cable is made from high flexible RG174 coaxial cable and is terminated by a BNC Connector on each end.The length is 1 m and the flexible cable it is ideally suited for experimental purposes.CA-0450 BNC connection cable 1 m

CA-0510 Laser safety goggles 632 nmFor working with the HeNe laser with higher output coupler the use of this safety goggle is recommended.CA-0510 Laser safety goggles 632 nm

CA-0600 Fibre inspection microscopeThis hand-held microscope is designed for field use or lab inspection of optical fibre connectors. It has a 200 x precision optics and two interchangeable pre-centred universal adapter for 2.5 and 2 mm ferrules.CA-0600 Fibre inspection microscope

CA-0610 Plastic fibre connector mounting setBefore the plastic optical fibre can be terminated with a connector the protective cover has to be removed. This will be done with special stripping pliers. After that the fibre is inserted into the connector in such a way that the bare fibre stands out app. 2-5 mm from the ferrule. Subsequently the stand out bare fibre will be cut with the provided pliers and ground down with the polishing and grinding tool consisting of an acrylic base plate, fibre chuck and coarse and fine polishing films.CA-0610 Plastic fibre connector mounting set

CA-0620 Optical fibre scriber and breakerFor professional cutting of optical fibre a cleaver is required to provide perpendicular cuts. Furthermore the surface quality of the cut fibre must be perfect especially when a high light coupling efficiency is of interest. The plastic cladding is removed by the Miller’s pliers and the bare fibre is clamped into the holding mechanism of the cleaver. Bending the fibre and pushing down the lever with the ceramic blade scribes and breaks the fibre.CA-0620 Optical fibre scriber and breaker

CA-0625 Fibre scriber, tungsten carbideA sharp tungsten knife is fixed to a pen and is especially used to scribe the protruding part of the fibre in a connector. Pulling the scribed fibre makes it breaking and the polishing of the fibre can take place.CA-0625 Fibre scriber, tungsten carbide

CA-0630 Adjustable plastic cover stripperThis tool is called Miller’s pliers and is used to safely remove the plastic cover of an optical glass fibre.CA-0630 Adjustable plastic cover stripper

CA-0640 One step polishing film 2 µm,  set of 50This polishing film allows the polishing in one step. That means no other films with other graininess are required. The round shape makes it more convenient to perform the polishing in a 8 shape.CA-0640 One step polishing film 2 µm,  set of 50

CA-0672 ST - connector multimode, Set of 60A set of 60 ST multimode connectors is used as training samples for connecting optical glass fibres to connectors.

CA-0710 Two part anaerobic epoxy for 150 connectorsThere are many ways to bond the optical fibre to its connector. A fast method is to use this two part anaerobic epoxy. The ferrule is filled with the epoxy by using a syringe, before the fibre is inserted into the ferrule it is dipped into the bond activator. It hardens almost immediately and the fibre can be processed further.CA-0710 Two part anaerobic epoxy for 150 connectors

CA-0726 Acrylic plate 230 x 140 x 3 mmFor the polishing process a flat surface is required. The polishing media is stuck to the plate by some drops of isopropyl alcohol.CA-0726 Acrylic plate 230 x 140 x 3 mm

CA-0728 Fiber Optic Polishing Disc for ST, SC, FCTo ensure a perfect perpendicular polishing the fibre ferrule is placed into the polishing disk.CA-0728 Fiber Optic Polishing Disc for ST, SC, FC

CA-0730 Cleaning wipes dry - 280 wipes per boxAfter polishing the optical fibre, remaining particles needs to be removed with this cleaning wipe wetted with isopropyl alcohol.  CA-0730 Cleaning wipes dry - 280 wipes per box

CA-0732 Dispenser bottle. Isopropyl alcoholAfter polishing the optical fibre, remaining particles needs to be removed with a cleaning wipe wetted with this alcohol.CA-0732 Dispenser bottle. Isopropyl alcohol

CA-0740 Epoxy SyringeThe syringe is filled with the epoxy for the bond of the fibre to the ferrule. The hollow needle is attached and the epoxy is pressed into the ferrule.CA-0740 Epoxy Syringe

CA-0742 Fibre splint tweezersThe processing of optical fibres always leaves broken fibre parts behind. The are of potential danger to accidentally intrude the human body. Therefore all those splints must be safely collected in a closable can. These tweezers help to collect the splints and put it into the trash can.CA-0742 Fibre splint tweezers

CA-0744 Fibre optic scrap trash canThe processing of optical fibres always leaves broken fibre parts behind. The are of potential danger to accidentally intrude the human body. Therefore all those splints must be safely collected in a closable can.CA-0744 Fibre optic scrap trash can