LE-0200 Ruby Laser


  • Theodore Maiman

  • Three-level laser

  • Blue diode pumping

  • Absorption spectra

  • Emission spectra

  • Excited state lifetime measurement

  • Laser threshold

  • Laser spiking

  • CW and pulsed Ruby laser

LE-0200 Ruby LaserLE-0200 Ruby Laser

In 1960 T. Maiman realized the first laser, the Ruby laser, which started a tremendous and ongoing development of laser sciences and optical technologies. Looking back into laser history, Maiman's famous Ruby laser initiated a fascinating development, which also led to the invention of the powerful tiny diode laser used here to pump the Ruby laser, allowing now a compact and low-cost laser setup, well suited for demonstration and education purposes. This experimental Ruby laser allows the study of the observation of the fluorescence and laser spectrum with oscillations of both the R lines. The dynamic of the three level laser system is studied by modulating the pump diode laser.
It seems so, as if with this system "The Laser Odyssey" will find its happy end.
LE-0200 Ruby laser with hemi-spheric cavityA. Semi-centric cavity The radiation of the diode laser with a wavelength of 405 nm is collimated and focused into the Ruby crystal. The resonator (A) consists out of a flat mirror (Mirror 1) and a spherical mirror (Mirror M2) and forms a semi-concentric cavity. The Ruby crystal is placed close to the flat mirror. The entire laser operates at room temperature and the Ruby crystal does not need to be cooled extra.
LE-0200 Ruby laser with concentric cavityB. Concentric Cavity The concentric cavity consists out of a resonator with two spherical mirror forming a concentric cavity. The Ruby crystal is placed in the middle of both mirrors. The pump radiation if focused into the center of the Ruby crystal.
LE-0200 Ruby Laser, consisting of:
Item Code Qty. Description
1 CA-0080 1 Optics cleaning set
2 CA-0450 3 BNC connection cable 1 m
3 DC-0048 1 Diode laser controller MK2
4 DC-0120 1 Si-PIN Photodetector, BPX61
5 MM-0020 2 Mounting plate C25 on carrier MG20
6 MM-0060 1 Filter plate holder on MG20
7 MM-0090 1 XY adjuster on MG20
8 MM-0100 1 Target Cross in C25 Mount
9 MM-0110 1 Translucent screen on carrier MG20
10 MM-0420 1 Four axes kinematic mount on carrier MG20
11 MM-0440 1 Kinematic mount ø25.4 mm on MG20, left
12 MM-0442 1 Kinematic mount ø25.4 mm on MG20, right
13 MP-0150 1 Optical Bench MG-65, 500 mm
14 OC-0060 1 Biconvex lens f=60 mm in C25 mount
15 OC-0200 1 Collimator 405 nm in Colimator mount
16 OC-0560 1 Ruby crystal in CR25 mount
17 OC-0970 1 Filter GG495, 50 x 50 x 3 mm
18 OC-1160 1 Laser mirror 1/2" in 1" mount, ROC flat, HT405-HR694 nm
19 OC-1168 1 Laser mirror 1/2" in 1" mount, OC 50, HR405 nm-HR 694 nm
20 OM-L410 1 Diode laser module 405 nm, 300 mW, SM
21 UM-LE02 1 Manual Ruby Laser
Option (order separately)
22 CA-0200 1 Oscilloscope 100 MHz digital, two channel
23 CA-0270 1 Fibre coupled spectrometer 200 - 1200 nm, USB
24 DC-0500 1 CCD Light Intensity Analyser
25 MM-0360 1 Fibre holder with articulated arm
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